Hana is coming to Florida from Czech Republic

Hana is coming to Florida from Czech Republic

This Spring 2019 I'll be hosting Hana's visit to the US so that she can work with me to build upon her partnership with Dawn Hoppe K9. Our relationship, which goes back 15 years, is based on her business called AKIA NAWA KENNELS in the Czech Republic. She'll be learning more about training Search & Rescue Dogs, Service Dogs for the disabled & Family Companion Dogs.

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Adult Dogs

Adult Dogs

DawnHoppeK9 Selection Service is one of a kind in this profession.


DawnHoppeK9 puppies are hand selected for you.
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I offer advanced training for all of the Dogs that I provide so that they are good with your children and other pets.

Most people that contact me are concerned that their new Family Protection Dog or Service Dog will not be good with their children and other pets. 

Because I have successfully handled advanced obedience & behavior problems for over 30 years, I'll be able to help point you in the right direction by answering your questions and demonstrating the best ways to apply my training procedures. 

Many of my clients have horses, smaller dogs & cats.

Your adult dog will be trained to a high level of advanced obedience which will include off leash work.

After the dog has advanced obedience, including off leash work in heel, sit/stay, down/stay with the owner out of sight & the trainer’s following command, I will add in larger & larger distractions to do what we call ‘proofing‘ the commands.

This will include other dogs, livestock & even cats.

I offer professional training here in Florida with private lessons or in board training. A lot of my clients use both in board & private Handler lessons to accomplish their goals.

A young puppy needs to start behavior training as soon as he/she becomes a member of the family, becasue early training or imprinting work will eliminate behavior problems before they get started. This always assures more positive outcomes for your dog & for you as the owner.