Hana is coming to Florida from Czech Republic

Hana is coming to Florida from Czech Republic

This Spring 2019 I'll be hosting Hana's visit to the US so that she can work with me to build upon her partnership with Dawn Hoppe K9. Our relationship, which goes back 15 years, is based on her business called AKIA NAWA KENNELS in the Czech Republic. She'll be learning more about training Search & Rescue Dogs, Service Dogs for the disabled & Family Companion Dogs.

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Adult Dogs

DawnHoppeK9 Selection Service is one of a kind in this profession.


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  • Imported German Shepherd Puppies
  • Search & Rescue Dogs
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  • My Interview About Benefits of Therapy Dogs
  • Dogs Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know

These are such great reminders that the best lessons in life can come from the most unexpected places.

Lesson #1: It’s Okay Sometimes To Just Eat and Sleep

Lesson #2: When You Fall Down Get Back Up, Shake It Off, Forget About It, and Go On

Lesson #3: Be Very Brave No Matter Your Size

Lesson #4: Make Your Own Fun

Lesson #5: Unleash Your Talents

Lesson #6: Learn New Tricks No Matter What Your Age

Lesson #7: Make New Friends

Lesson #8: Sniff Out Opportunities

Lesson #9: Chase After Your Dreams

Lesson #10: When Loved Ones Come Home Always Run To Greet Them

Lesson #11: At the End of the Day It Is Best To Snuggle No Matter What Has Happened

Lesson #12: Every Day Is A Brand New Day So Just Be Happy!