Hana is coming to Florida from Czech Republic

Hana is coming to Florida from Czech Republic

This Spring 2019 I'll be hosting Hana's visit to the US so that she can work with me to build upon her partnership with Dawn Hoppe K9. Our relationship, which goes back 15 years, is based on her business called AKIA NAWA KENNELS in the Czech Republic. She'll be learning more about training Search & Rescue Dogs, Service Dogs for the disabled & Family Companion Dogs.

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Adult Dogs

DawnHoppeK9 Selection Service is one of a kind in this profession.


DawnHoppeK9 puppies are hand selected for you.
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I take pride in my customer care service that starts when you first contact me.

Once you apply for a Service/Therapy Dog or Family Protection Dog, I'll contact you for more information so that I can better recommend the right dog for your needs. Then we'll work together to custom train the on/off leash obedience & the specialized tasks for your Service Dog.

I pay very close attention to your needs & will prepare a full day for your Customized Service Dog Certification.

I also Certify Therapy Dogs & have the unique ability to Dual Certify your dog as both your Service Dog & a Therapy Dog so that you can take him/her to local hospitals to make people smile.

Working closely with PTSD Veterans through my non-profit (501c3) organization, Service Therapy Dogs for Healing, I can offer my 30 years of experience to make your Service or Therapy Dog, the dog of your dreams!