Do you need basic obedience training or behavior help for your dog?

Dawn Hoppe K9 now offers Online Training Services!

With this custom solution for LIVE STREAMING Video Conferences, you can learn from Dawn in real-time, in the comfort of your home, teaching your dog safely and conveniently, along with savings in travel time and gas money.

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Basic Obedience: Puppies

Basic Obedience: Puppies (10 wks.-4 mo.)

Housebreaking & Manners

These basic commands will help get you started and make navigating the relationship between you and your puppy much easier.

Your puppy will learn how to:

  • "walk nice"

  • "sit"

  • "stay"

  • "down"

  • "leave it"


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Dawn Hoppe K9

Dawn Hoppe K9

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