Thank you is an understatement

"Thank you is an understatement. Alex has provided our family with a great deal of love and joy.

One year ago, we decided to look for a trained German shephard.
We spoke to numerous people and contacted several breeders. We left our first meeting with you impressed with your knowledge, experirnce and a sense we were dealing with a person of integrity.
We decided to go no further. Your personal integrity was clearly demonstrated when you graciously accepted the return of the first German shepherd you provided us assuring us you would find another to fulfill our expectations.
The first shepherd unexpectedly exhibited signs of an illness that neither of us anticipated. True to your word, you brought us Alex approximately eight months ago. Our entire family recently celebrated his second birthday.
Our children and grandchildren look forward to visiting Alex. He is gentle, loving and playful.
I also want to thank you for the excellent training and advice you have continued to provide on a weekly basis. We both know that I am the one that needs the training, not Alex.
His obediance responding to both hand and voice signals is outstanding. Alex's protection training and response equals his obedience training.
I often take Alex jogging. We meet many people along the way. Alex has a superb temperament. He is playful with other dogs and social with all people and children unless commanded otherwise.
We all thank you both for bringing us Alex."
- Harry Jacobs